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AutoCAD Courses (CAD)

CAD 201 - Intermediate AutoCAD

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Intermediate AutoCAD


In this online AutoCAD class, you will draft an abbreviated set of CAD construction documents for a Habitat for Humanity project, including floor plan, roof plan, foundation plan, electrical plan and building elevations. Create and insert blocks, externally reference files and determine the appropriate times to use these commands to optimize project workflow.

CAD 201 reinforces basic understanding and develops experience in more advanced applications. Topics include file referencing across the project data, user coordinate systems, dynamic viewing and paper/model space conventions. Advanced AutoCAD commands and drafting conventions are heavily stressed in this online AutoCAD course.

Your instructor is an Autodesk Certified Instructor and also an experienced working professional who uses AutoCAD on a daily basis, preparing construction documents for commercial, educational and residential projects.

VDCI encourages a strong online engagement between you, your instructor and your classmates. You will participate in group discussion forums, connect with your instructor and message your classmates. You are also invited to join us in the VDCI Student Lounge, where our instructors, staff, current students and alumni share information and help one another.

You will be provided source AutoCAD files, which you will use to start your project. You will be provided videos which will guide you through the learning process. There will be quizzes relating to your project as well as to your reading assignments. There will be discussion forums in which you will be participating.



Training Time

30 Clock Hours


Course Type

Project Based





Learning Objectives

  • Create an abbreviated set of construction documents including floor plan, foundation plan, electrical plan and building elevations for a small residential project.
  • Create and insert blocks, externally reference files and determine the appropriate times to apply those skill sets to optimize project efficiency.
  • Demonstrate layer and file management, external file referencing, use of model/layout environments and user coordinate systems.
  • Apply intermediate-level skills including layer management, user coordinate system development, creating sheet layout environments and plotting.


Here is the course outline:

Welcome & Resources

Jan 1

Lesson 1: Create the Floorplan & Sheet Setup

Jan 1

Lesson 2: Finish Floorplan & Roof Plan

Lesson 3: Structural Foundation Plan & Electrical Plan

Lesson 4: Starting the Elevations

Lesson 5: Continuing the Elevations

Lesson 6: Finalizing, Checking & Plotting

Course Completion Survey and Certificate


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

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